Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ford's Theatre

Here is a link to Ford's Theatre Museum, which was converted into a theatre from a Baptist Church in 1861. It lay in a seamy side of town, known as Hooker's Division, and nearby was Murder Bay, which no doubt added to Stanton's concerns. Seems John T. Ford was capitalizing on the swelling population of Washington during the war, which rose from 60,000 to over 200,000 persons. Lincoln first visited Ford's in May, 1862, which as Goodwin noted, provided him a welcom reprieve from the horrors of war.


  1. I've walked by Ford's Theatre many times, but have never gone in.

    I'll be in DC next week -- maybe I'll try to visit it this time since I'll be staying in the neighborhood. Last time I was there, I also noticed a Lincoln bicentennial walking tour (where Lincoln walked). It's the worst time of year to be in DC, but if by chance the weather cooperates, maybe I can take in a few of the Lincoln sites.

  2. I just noticed on their website that it's been renovated and reopens on July 15th.


  3. Thanks, Marti. I'll be there then. I'll see if I can get in (there's always been a long line when I've walked past there, but maybe I can visit early or late since I'll be staying in the neighborhood).