Sunday, February 7, 2010

Take your tea and shove it

I guess one can say a indelible streak of rebellion runs through American history, and it has certainly been invoked many times in an effort to rally citizens behind a cause or an ideal, but this latest group to invoke the Boston Tea Party seems to have revealed themselves as the charlatans and frauds that they are.  By many accounts, the National Tea Party Convention appears will become the fodder for late night talk show hosts for days and maybe even weeks to come.


  1. There's a certain irony to all this - the Boston Tea Party was inspired to some degree by the Boston Massacre which occurred a couple of years earlier. In that disaster, the first person who was killed in the quest for liberty was Crispus Attucks who was a Black man.

    Today's "Tea Parties" claim to be quests for liberty. Ironically, the protests in Washington, DC and throughout much of the country, featured hostile, racist placards which depicted President Obama in stereotypical poses. Some used the nefarious N word and many accused him of treason.

    Isn't that something else?

    When Palin runs for the presidency in 2012 it's a good bet that her opponents will use photos of those placards because she is now the leader of these racists.

  2. She seems to be trying to walk a fine line by speaking at these rallies, but not openly endorsing their positions. Of course, if they are going to pay you a hundred grand to give a speech, why not?

    But, yes, I'm curious how she plans to distance herself from all the racist rhetoric, including Tom Tancredo's call for "civics, literacy tests before people can vote in this country" at the convention. They may have kept the racist placards out of the convention hall, but not the sentiments.

  3. Ah, come on, let's give Sarah Palin some credit. She didn't try to distance herself from those in her crowds in 08 who shouted for Obama to be strung up. These are her people!

    According to Game Change, this really did get to McCain. Where did these people come from?

  4. He should have saw them coming. He has to take credit for creating the Bride of Frankenstein.

  5. And letting his campaign encourage her with the palling around with terrorist bit.

    When you see how dysfunctional the campaigns were -- Obama's folks were the only ones who seemed to know what they were doing -- you wonder how on earth any of these men or women could ever dream of running a country, much less the one left behind by GW.

  6. I think McCain let himself be taken in by the same tactics that led to his defeat in 2000. He figured if it worked for Dubya, maybe it would work for him, but he could never bring himself to fully embrace these tactics (I assume his conscience creeping in) and so decided to let the "pit bull with lip stick" say the things his advisors felt were necessary to win. Later, she tried to claim these words were put into her mouth. If so, they appeared to flow naturally out of her mouth, as they still do.

  7. It did seem to spiral out of his control -- but Game Change shows how he was growing increasingly frustrated and spiteful. Remember his "Who is the real Barack Obama? What does he plan for America?" Even Cindy McCain was on the attack.

    It really did seem to get out of control there. I even wrote a letter to the editor here -- which they didn't publish as I recall.....