Monday, April 19, 2010

The Dial, Volume One

This is the first volume of The Dial, compiled between July 1840 and April 1841.


  1. You bet!

    I wish that somehow I could go back in time to exchange a few ideas with those brilliant folks in the T's. How would the nation and world have changed if they were aware of what was to come? I think it would be a very different world, indeed.

  2. 184-year-old Adams letter found
    Sixth president wrote about parents’ burial

    "Adams penned the letter, dated Sept. 8, 1826, two months after his father died on the young nation’s Independence Day. He was seeking permission from the supervisors of the church, which he called a “temple,’’ to bury his father and mother there.

    “I have considered it a duty devolving upon me to erect a plain and modest monument to his memory: and my wish is that divested of all ostentation it may yet be as durable as the walls of the Temple to the erection of which he has contributed, and as the Rocks of his native Town which are to supply the materials for it,’’ Adams wrote."

  3. I will have to check but I wonder of JQA had any influence upon the T's or vice versa. He was religiously orthodox while most of them were not so this may have had some impact on their exchanges, if any.