Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meandering with Columbus

Although Columbus pretty much kept a straight line, following the 30th Meridian, he had no real idea where he was at, even after four voyages.  So, it seems only fitting that we meander with Columbus as he skirted the coastline of the Caribbean in search of a passage to the Orient, believing at one point that he had found the sacred nipple of the Virgin Mary, as he could think of no other reason to account for the fresh waters streaming from the Orinoco.  It was really amusing reading Boorstin's The Discoverers.

The image is of Gerard Depardieu as Columbus in 1492.


  1. One of the more interesting theories on Columbus' origin,

  2. His book The Creators is pretty darn good as well.

  3. Boorstin is a great writer. He really knows how the capture the imagination of the reader.

  4. Received my copy of 1493. Currently engrossed in Dalrymple's From the Holy Mountain, but will climb down shortly ; )