Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Teddy takes Manhattan

Quite a cottage industry revolving around books on Teddy Roosevelt.  Surprised Jay Parini hasn't taken a shot at Teddy, especially since he was a famous author too.  Here is the latest installment, Island of Vice, which has received rave reviews,

“Here is young Teddy Roosevelt as the reformist New York City Police Commissioner  confronted in 1895 with a cabal of  unaccountably wealthy police officials, whole neighborhoods of brothels, and the paws of the Tammany Tiger in everything. A delicious municipal history, impeccably researched, excitingly told.”

--E. L. Doctorow, award-winning author of Ragtime

You gotta love the cover!  But, I don't think prostitutes were his biggest problem.

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  1. Now that one looks like fun! I'll add it to my list.