Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Follow the Money

This documentary offers a penetrating look into the financial crisis of 2008, chronicling the 28 years of banking deregulation that led to it and the fallout of the crisis.  Charles Ferguson won an Oscar for his efforts.    Here's Charlie Rose interviewing Ferguson.  Avrds supplied a link on vimeo to the full documentary.  Seems to work best on Google Chrome.  It is well worth watching.


  1. Cool! Thanks for posting that.

    I also just (finally) watched Recount last night. Better late than never.

    Funny, when it finished, the t.v. was on Ezra Klein talking about voter suppression in Philadelphia. HBO is broadcasting Recount several times in August. I wonder if their programmers "get" the similarities.

  2. Just finished watching Inside Job. Since I've read so much about the subject, there wasn't much of anything new, although I do seem to have missed the folks from Moody's et al. claiming that their ratings were only opinions. And the professor--Mishkin--who left the Board of Governors for the Federal Reseve at the height of the crisis to revise a textbook, he was a hoot.

  3. And as the director said at the Academy Awards, not one of them is in jail.