Thursday, June 13, 2013

The God Vote

The Republicans still don't seem to have figured out that part of their problem is the voters they cater to.  This is a vote they have in their back pocket.  Who else are religious voters going to vote for?  Certainly not Democrats.  But, the Republicans only gut check seems to be to re-identify themselves with their own core constituency.

Joe Biden teed off on the Republicans this week, notably Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.  Not surprisingly, the veteran senator had a hard time understanding how Republicans and a handful of Democrats could allow two freshmen senators to bully them on the background checks bill.  But, these two senators appear to feel they have god on their side.  At least, Ted Cruz does.

It was great to see a leading Democrats finally come out and attack Republicans.  For the past two years the Dems seem to have been laying low, afraid to get in the fray, as they cater to social conservatives as well in many Congressional districts.  But, with the political lines growing ever more divisive it seems veteran Democrats are tired of all this filibustering and grandstanding and are making a big push to overturn the House in 2014, and hopefully get something accomplished in the last two years of the Obama administration.

Already, the Republicans are gearing up for 2016 with Mitt Romney (of all people) hosting a policy retreat in Park City, Utah.  He seems to think the Republicans have a chance, but I'm sure any potential Republican nominee will stay as far away from Mitt as possible.  This guy is damaged goods.

But in this strange world, new polls show that Americans now have a more positive impression than negative impression of George W. Bush.  See what a few dog paintings and opening a presidential library will do for you.  Probably no one did more than Dubya to make the GOP God's Own Party.

Daniel Williams further expounds on the making of the Christian Right in a book by the same title.

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  1. I don't know if it was intentional but the title of the book could be a play on Buffett's classic song, God's Own Drunk,