Thursday, August 1, 2013

Age of Romance

I have to thank you guys for reminding me of The Blithedale Romance as I've been looking through other titles about that era, and came across this biography of the Peabody Sisters.  The book opens with the marriage of Sophia Peabody and Nathaniel Hawthorne, signaling a new age in romance.  Their Diary of a Marriage was on exhibit not so long ago at the Morgan Library and Museum.  The book received great reviews when it came out in 2005.  For some reason I remember it coming up in the old NYTimes forums, but can't sure about that.


  1. I mentioned that book and an earlier bio of Margaret Fuller on this forum quite a while ago so it's easy to forget. Defo a good book and worth reading but not sure if it's one for a monthly discussion here.

  2. I keep a diary and have done so since 1977 & checked my entries for Nov 2007 and found that this was when I read the Peabody book. A month later I read Blanchard book on Margaret Fuller.

    In thinking about it, I must have read about 30-40 books by or about the Transcendentalists over the years.

  3. The new book on Margaret Fuller is by the same author as the Peabody Sisters.

    1. Good writer - it should be a good book.

      I liked that link to the marriage diary. You know, in all my years of living in NY I never went to the Morgan library. Did spend a lot of time in the main branches of both the Manhattan & Brooklyn libraries, though.