Saturday, August 15, 2015

The President's Play List

Take from it what you will, and many political pundits and comics are, the President released his music playlist for the summer, along with his reading list.  August is the big get away for 44.  Not much going on in Congress except the usual hemming and hawing over how to stop the executive order happy President, who just recently had an embassy re-opened in Cuba.  I'm surprised there's not any music from Buena Vista Social Club on that playlist, but there is Sonoro Crruseles, a salsa band that originated from Columbia, which had a big hit with Al Son de los Cueros.  Maybe the President is working on some new moves for this fall.

The reading list is mostly fiction, but he has included Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow. It came out a few years ago to much fanfare.  There is also the more recent The Sixth Extinction, by Elizabeth Kolbert, that explores the human element in global warming.  Not very light reading, and at nearly 3000 pages all together, that's a lot of ground to cover in one month, but then maybe he has already started.

It doesn't seem like he wants to tackle any of the presidential candidate books, of which there are many.  I would have thought he would got a kick out of Ted Cruz's impressions of Cuba, but some aide will probably fill him in on it.  Of course, he can always pick up a copy of Trump's The Art of the Deal, which the orange-haired wonder has been promoting heavily on his campaign tour.  The Donald claims the Obama administration would have been well advised to read it before entering into negotiations with Iran.  What took the State Department team months, Trump would have done it in a matter of days and got a 100 times better deal to boot.

But, I imagine the Big O wants to escape all this overblown rhetoric on Martha's Vineyard, which has become his yearly late summer retreat.   He can drown it all out with Hot Fun in the Summertime, while conservative bloggers estimate how much his vacations are costing taxpayers.

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