Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ted the Toilet Plunger

Trevor Noah has come up with the perfect analogy for Ted Cruz's role in the #dumptrump campaign -- a toilet plunger.  This was in response to Ted claiming to be the "uniter" after his big Wisconsin primary win.  It is doubtful Ted will be very effective in New York, where he currently lags in third place.  His comments regarding "New York values" have come back to bite him in the ass.  But, there are 15 states left on the campaign trail after New York next week, so you figure Ted can fulfill his role of clearing the toilet of Donald Trump before the convention.

However, Ted may still have a chance to pick up some delegates in New York, as Amy Davidson explains the arcane process.  This is why Ted was spending time in the Bronx, trying to round up support anyway he could get it.  Ted has proven to be a very effective man on the ground, which is bedeviling the Trump campaign that doesn't even know how to properly fill out ballots.  Trump also lost delegates in South Carolina after handily winning the primary, as his campaign advisers forgot that not all delegates are awarded at primaries.

It just makes you wonder how Donald got this far.  His own kids won't be able to vote for him in New York because they forgot to register in time.  One wonders if Donald is even registered himself.  He has since brought in Paul Manafort to better handle the ground campaign, but Manafort comes across as just another loose canon serving to massage Trump's enormous ego.

The Donald went into hiding, trying to avoid any more public gaffes leading up to the New York primary.  He is hoping for a clean sweep of the districts -- all 95 delegates -- putting him well over 800.  But, he has to score 50 per cent or better in each district to accomplish this fete, so Ted and John Kasich are campaigning in districts where they think they can pick up consolation delegates for coming in second place.

According to Manafort, Trump doesn't run that kind of campaign.  He plays to win, using the airwaves to get his message out, content to call it into the news networks or fire off his tweets in his ongoing assault of the GOP establishment, which has rallied against him.  It just shows how poorly Manafort understands the system, because at this point every delegate counts and if Trump can't reach 1237 by July, it is very unlikely he will win the nomination.

Trump has called Ted a Trojan Horse, but a toilet plunger is a better analogy.   The Donald has been clogging up the GOP toilet ever since last June, and the Republican Party is determined to purge him once and for all.  The only tool they have left at this point is Ted Cruz, although they are hoping that Kasich can be similarly used in Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia.  It's a messy business but someone has to do it.  Ted is perfect for the job, who (as Amy Davidson pointed out) has "an uncanny ability to absorb humiliation."

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