Sunday, September 25, 2016

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

If you thought things couldn't get more kooky, think again.  Donald Trump has apparently invited Gennifer Flowers to the first presidential debate to sit in the front row in what is a rather lame effort to psych Hillary out.  This stems from his latest twitter war with Mark Cuban, who has been baiting Trump into rash statements in hopes of flustering the rival billionaire.  Cuban  had initially shown some interest in Trump way back in Spring but has since become a very vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton and proudly boasted of his front row seat at the first debate.

Trump is doing his best to make the first debate look like a Heavyweight title match.  He has even dragged fabled boxing promoter Don King into the mix.  All he needs now is Michael Buffer to announce the fight, I mean debate Monday night.

Yet, the "Manhattan Mauler" has been doing his best to lower expectations at the same time, claiming the debates are rigged against him.  But, more interesting is the phony town hall he staged with the help of his buddy Sean Hannity at a Cleveland African-American church.  Don King was among those who got a ring side seat behind Sean and Donald. There was even a Sikh sitting behind him on camera to show Donald now knows the difference between Sikhs and Muslims.

Donald is trying to play this debate from all sides, hoping that whatever comes out of it, he will be able to capitalize on it.  Nothing short of a knockout will win it for Hillary at this point, and Trump is well aware Hillary is not a heavy hitter.  He figures he can deflect her jabs all night if it comes to that, and even if he loses the debate on points, he will be seen as the winner as having gone into a hostile ring and come out in tact.

Hillary's corner is telling her to be the adult in the room, assuming voters are tired of Donald's shenanigans and want to hear at least one voice of reason.  Polls are leaning Hillary's way in this regard.  She needs to put on her best Presidential persona and not let any of Donald's antics rattle her.  Most of all, she needs to be well rested so that there are no more stumbles, long bathroom breaks or head wobbling that will allow pundits to once again question her health.

Sadly, these debates are mostly about appearances, not substance.   I like the fact that Hillary has laid low, not tried to play into the hype and anti-hype Donald has projected.  She needs to remain level-headed and calm.  It doesn't really matter whether Hillary has a better command of issues than Donald, she has to be able to project strength.  Donald has gotten through this campaign solely on his ability to project authority, as he has shown a very weak grasp of reality.  No amount of fact-checking is going to change that.  Ultimately, voters pick who they think looks the most presidential and to hell with the consequences.

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