Tuesday, January 3, 2017

So long and thanks for all the phish

It's been fun but I decided to start a new blog with a new host as there just isn't much action in Blogger.  Wordpress, Medium and Tumblr draw much more readership and well, I want to be heard.  Besides, I was never able to get any satisfaction from Blogger in eliminating the embedded viral ads that redirect many readers.  I'll keep this blog up for awhile, as I want to go through the material and see how much is worth keeping.  Feel free to peruse.

I'll post a link to the new blog once I get it up and running for those who are curious.  Meantime, you can reach me at dzimas61@gmail.com


  1. So sad to see this great site ended. But I am partly at fault for not contributing very much anymore as my eyes have dimmed from illness and age. This is why I cannot read written books anymore and must use recorded books.

    The other day I had a thought - you know how some schools give you college credits for life experiences. Well, when you consider how many history and fictional books we read here, and all the notes we posted, I could well have earned 50 college credits or more for all this work. Some of my posts would easily have sufficed for mid term exams and if I put a few of them together, they could have sufficed for a BA or MA thesis.

    Wish there was some way to keep all those postings but I do not have a printer and cannot preserve them. Hopefully, they will be stored somewhere.

    Good luck in your new site!

    And Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year to you too Trip! As you can see, I couldn't resist one more post.