Wednesday, April 12, 2017

That's just bully!

Suffice it to say, there is never a dull moment at the White House.  No sooner does the Donald drop the bomb on Syria than a civil war break out between the evil Dr. Bannon and Diamond Jared Kushner.  Even odder is that Ivanka is apparently taking credit for the Tomahawk chop on Syria.  Meanwhile, Spicey tried to explain just how bad a guy Bashar al-Assad is to the media.  At some point you would think these guys would get their act together, but for now we are forced to witness what may be the most dysfunctional White House in history!

Trump seems to think he is still in the midst of a heated campaign and that the missile strike would give him a bounce in the polls.  Whatever favorably he managed to garner (surprisingly a lot) has already waned, with the Chinese media calling it "the act of a weakened politician who needed to flex his muscles."  Xinhau news agency went on to say that this was no more than a diversion from Trump's ongoing scandals.  No comment from President Xi, who was visiting His Trumpness at Mar-a-Lago when the decision was made.

This looks more like a stunt the evil Dr. Bannon would concoct than one Ivanka would dream up, but maybe Dr. Bannon convinced the Donald he was doing it for his daughter.  Who the fuck knows anymore!

Donald seems to have his chain pulled all too easily, working solely on impulse.  I suppose if it has gotten him this far, why stop now?  He sent a navy strike force to the Korean peninsula, which has everyone's dander up, not least of all North Korea's boy king.  If Trump was trying to show what kind of statesman he was by hosting President Xi, he has turned America's foreign policy into a pissing contest.  Not even our former War President George Bush was this brash.

One can't help but think that the strategy here is to gain war powers so that His Trumpness will no longer have to answer to Congress or the American people.  As it is, Republicans are fit to be tied they were left completely out of the loop on these two military decisions, even if some of them thought it was a good decision to bomb Assad.  Not that it has done a lick of good.  The Syrian tyrant dug in his heels and Russia and Iran have vowed retaliation, even though Putin was apparently forewarned, which is more than you can say for Congressional Republicans.

So, what is going on in the White House?  Do we have any clear voice emerging?  As of last week, Trevor Noah had declared Jared Kushner "the real president."  That may change this week as Ivanka has gained considerably more clout.  This may be the end of the evil Dr. Bannon, whose influence appears to have waned considerably over the last month.  It's going to be awfully hard for him to overcome Jared and Ivanka together,  but one can never rule out a comeback.

Whatever the case, the surge in military activity had its desired effect on the mainstream media.  I couldn't believe Fareed Zakaria was actually praising Trump on the strike.  I suppose that means the Donald is no longer the rocking horse president.   That's just bully!

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