Thursday, May 4, 2017

This time it was Trump who got "schlonged" on television.  Needless to say, there was plenty of controversy over Stephen Colbert's monologue this past Monday, but Stephen says he has no regrets.  Why should he?  Trump can't even bring himself to take back his absurd allegations that he was wiretapped by Obama, which is what set Colbert off.  I suppose he could have called the President a stooge or other choice epithet but he chose "cock holster."

Members of the gay community found this equally offensive, so poor Stephen was taking it from both sides.  PC is dead.  All gloves, or should I say all holsters are off.

I was curious if this was a term Stephen made up or one he appropriated.  It's been around since 2003 according to Urban Dictionary, and is typically used by Marines to suggest mouth.  Leave it to a drill sergeant to come up with the term.

This incident is sure to boost Colbert's ratings on the Late Show.  Ever since he turned his monologue into a critique of the Cock Holster in Chief, his ratings have soared.  Colbert even brings back his old persona from time to time to "defend" conservatism, but I think no one is fooled anymore.  The amazing part is that he was able to get away with it so long.  Seemed many conservatives actually thought he was one of them until he took the Late Night gig.

As for His Trumpness, he is looking more like an addled Queen these days than a King.  His White House appears to be in total disarray judging from this failed conference call with the media that ended in farce.  Mick Mulvaney was trying to spin the new budget deal as a win for the administration, which resulted in laughter on the other end of the line.

The President got virtually nothing he wanted.  There was no "down payment" on the wall.  The National Institute of Health, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and numerous other "liberal" agencies were spared the ax.  Basically, Congressional Republicans and Democrats got together and worked out a deal in spite of Trump.  How Mulvaney could project this as a "win" is indeed laughable.

Trump has to be feeling more lonely than ever in the White House.  His famed deal-making skills have yet to materialize.  Congress, Europe, Canada and Mexico are all finding ways to work around him.  Even the infamous Strongman of the Philippines rebuffed an invitation to the White House, as he sees no advantage in having Trump on his side.

Kim Jong Un is smelling victory after Trump inexplicably suggested meeting with the boy king.  North Korea has been wanting such recognition for decades.  It is also very odd timing considering Trump had a naval strike force maneuver into position off the Korean coastline and dumped a missile defense system on South Korea, which it has no intention of paying for after Trump suggested they should.

Not only pundits and comics, but our traditional allies are openly questioning the mental state of our President, who seems to have no idea what is going on.  Regardless, Putin would like to meet with Trump to see if there is anyway they can get on the same page before things get too far out of hand.

There has never been a time in recent history where a White House has looked so hopelessly out of touch with the world.  Part of the reason is that this is an administration made up of novices, with way too much decision making falling into the lap of Jared Kushner, the 36-year-old scion of a disgraced real estate developer.  Jared has been tasked with everything from arranging meetings with world leaders to peace in the Middle East.

Kushner is essentially acting as President for his mentally deficient father-in-law, who seems content to fire off tweets at all hours of the day and night and attend political rallies among die-hard conservatives, with rounds of golf in between.  It isn't the first time a President has deferred his duties to family members.  Many felt Wilson had vested most of his power in his wife Edith when he became too infirmed to lead in his second term.  Many felt that Nancy Reagan held an inordinate amount of sway in the Gipper's White House.  It is not unusual for first ladies to play strong roles in their husband's White House, but this may be the first time a son-in-law came to be the dominant force in the Oval Office.

As John Oliver points out in this segment, it might not be so bad if we knew that Kushner had the credentials to lead the nation, but John quite rightly states that it would be dangerous to trust Jared and Ivanka, who have become America's version of William and Kate.

Besides, no one elected Jared and Ivanka.  They have literally assumed these duties because their father is too lazy to do so himself.  He has no real interest in the job, which he has made painfully clear time and again.  He pined for his "old life" in this recent interview.

Nevertheless, Trump continues to enjoy incredible support among his faithful, despite the fact he has yet to accomplish much in the White House.   All you have to do is look at Steve Bannon's whiteboard.   This from a President who vowed never to reveal his hand.

His executive orders have largely been paper tigers.  The ones that could have done real damage are currently held up in court, notably his travel ban and his attempt to cut off federal funding to "sanctuary cities."  His executive order on opening up mining and oil rights on national monuments could ultimately cause a lot of harm, but I imagine this order will also be challenged in court.

Sadly, he has admitted he doesn't really read what he signs.  He often contradicts these orders in tweets and interviews afterward.  They are being prepared by those with vested business interests, like Jared.  Many of these executive orders overstep his authority, leading to frustration with the Constitution, which Trump recently deemed "archaic."   Yet, he appoints a Supreme Court Justice who firmly believes in the original intent of the Constitution.

I know that Emerson said that "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds," but one could say the same for a foolish inconsistency, which is exactly what we have in a Commander-in-Chief.  As Colbert rightly points out, it is a fair fight, as he has jokes and the President has launch codes.

What is scary is that this administration is apparently looking into changing the first amendment, if we are to take Reince Priebus at his word.  A further sign that this administration has become not only unmoored from the Constitution but reality itself.  It is this very same "free speech" that Trump used so effectively on the campaign trail to brandish Hillary Clinton a criminal, regardless of anything to back up his allegations.

This is what  Colbert very effectively took exception to in his Monday night monologue.  I would only say that Trump is not so much a cock holster for Putin as he is for the alt-right in this country, as he plays right into their worst instincts.

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