Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Make Space Great Again

Maybe Trump actually wants to create a sex slave colony on Mars?  How else to explain this recent executive order.

This is an administration that has gutted its energy department, making it clear there is no room for science except when it comes to nukes.    Scott Pruitt has actually launched a program to formally challenge climate change science, and is in the process of dismantling the EPA as we know it.  This is the most anti-science administration since Reagan, who similarly went out of his way to eradicate the sustainable energy initiatives started under Jimmy Carter.  It's a wonder the solar panels are still on the roof of thee White House, but give Trump or Bannon or Rick Perry time to discover they are there.

Yet, Trump is rekindling the National Space Council, which was disbanded in 1993 over internal frictions between NASA and the NSC.  The Pere Bush and subsequent Clinton administrations decided to go with NASA.  But, the oddest thing is making Mike Pence chairman of the revived council, a man who has about as much interest in science as does Robert Davis Steele, who actually forced NASA to issue a response to his ludicrous claim that it had established a child sex slave colony on Mars.

In the Age of Trump it seems we are compelled to respond to any allegation no matter how absurd, as there are actually people out there who believe this shit and if you allow it to gather stench it can soon stink up the whole place.  Not that it does much good, as these idiots will believe what they want to believe.  Many still insist the moon landing was a hoax.  Yet, they think the government is covering up the existence of UFO's.

How the new space council will operate under Starship Fleet Captain Pence is anyone's guess?  The executive order offers no clue.  Most likely this will be a cynical way to funnel money to defense contractors under the guise of a "space program."   However, the Trump family could be looking for a quick exit if things turn out as bad as Stephen Hawking says, giving the green light to put Elon Musk's SpaceX program and Mars mission into warp speed.

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