Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Never-ending shit storm

Does anyone even remember the White House Correspondents Dinner, of for that matter Melania's State Dinner for the Macrons?  No sooner did we have a chance to digest these events than Trump flies off on whole new tangents, erasing any memory of the past.

This is a guy who should have stayed in Mar-a-Lago after the Christmas break.  Signing a massive tax cut and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel did little to offset the sexual assault charges filed against him by 19 women.  This in the wake of his support of pervert Roy Moore who went down in flames in a Senate special election in Alabama.  If Republicans had been smart they would have pushed Trump to resign, but he slouched back to Washington, only to get into a twitter war with Kim Jong-un as to who had the bigger "nuclear button."

It should be clear to everyone that Trump has no shame, yet he continues to enjoy widespread support among his base, and as he noted in his rambling NRA address enjoys a 51 per cent approval rating in the Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll.  One can only chalk this up to the entertainment value he provides, although 18 House Republicans formally nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize thanks to the "thaw" taking place on the Korean Peninsula.

Mind you this is a guy who chastised Rex Tillerson late last year for "wasting his time" on North Korea, and until this past week was still threatening to go nuclear on the "Rocket Man."  This "tough talk" certainly works on a wide cross section of Americans.  Whether it had any impact on the negotiations taking place on the Korean peninsula is anyone's guess, but there are a lot of folks giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, thanks to the kind words of South Korea's Moon Jae-in.  So, we see a temporary bump in his poll numbers, which he watches as he once did the overnight Nielsen ratings for The Apprentice.

The funny part is that Trump is content to break even, but if you look down the Rasmussen report from Friday, you see that "strongly disapprove" outpolls "strongly approve" by 40 to 33, giving him an approval index rating of -7 per cent.  He still polls below 40 per cent in Gallup and other national polls, but he considers these "fake news."

He also dismissed the staggering number of lies assembled by the Washington Post since he took office, which no doubt will lead to more personal attacks on Jeff Bezos, hoping to knock him off his perch as the richest man in the world.  I'm surprised this didn't come up in his NRA address but he was too busy gloating over the support he is getting from Kanye West and the favorable unemployment ratings for last month, especially among Blacks.  He seems to think Kanye boosted his approval among African-Americans two fold.  Maybe he will find a spot for the rapper in his administration.

It's enough to make your head spin, but the news media is eating it up like a giant Baked Alaska. They can't get enough, successfully pushing the Stormy Daniels hush fund to the background, when it should be front and center.  After all, it was just this kind of dirty laundry that brought John Edwards down in the 2008 campaign, but Trump appears to be oblivious to any note of impropriety on his part.  At one point admitting to the pay off, and then just as quickly retracting his statement on twitter, leaving poor Sarah perplexed as to what to say at the daily briefings.  I'm sure they will get their stories straight eventually.

How does Michelle Wolf or anyone else for that matter compete with this never-ending shit storm that is the Trump White House?  None of it seems to matter, as he was able to hold a National Day of Prayer and sign a so-called "religious liberty" executive order with a straight face, and no one smirking in the background.

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