Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Slavery and Politics

Robert noted that the battle over slavery goes back to the late 18th century and I found this title, which looks very interesting:

Giving close consideration to previously neglected debates, Matthew Mason challenges the common contention that slavery held little political significance in America until the Missouri Crisis of 1819. Mason demonstrates that slavery and politics were enmeshed in the creation of the nation, and in fact there was never a time between the Revolution and the Civil War in which slavery went uncontested.

The American Revolution set in motion the split between slave states and free states, but Mason explains that the divide took on greater importance in the early nineteenth century. He examines the partisan and geopolitical uses of slavery, the conflicts between free states and their slaveholding neighbors, and the political impact of African Americans across the country.

UNC Press also has The Transformation of American Abolitionism by Richard S. Newman covering a similar time period.

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