Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

The Easter Egg Roll is apparently a German tradition that was first brought to America in the 1700s.  It has since become a staple of Easter activities at the White House.  The first egg rolls took place on the Capitol lawn, before being moved to the White House by Rutherford B. Hayes.  Seems Congress was worried the kids were damaging the grass.  The Easter Egg Hunt was added by Ronald Reagan in 1981.
The photo above dates from1929.


  1. Hoppy Easter, Passover, and (late) spring everyone.

    I'm still reading about Earl Warren for my panel next week. Very interesting biography! As soon as I wrap that one up, I'll get back to Triangle. Sorry for the delay. Too many other commitments these days.

  2. I see Fox & Friends couldn't resist using Easter to take another swipe at Obama,