Sunday, July 17, 2011


You have to like the poster if nothing else.  It has a 50s B-movie feel to it, and like Plan 9 From Outer Space, this documentary might one day be a cult classic.  Unfortunately, there doesn't seem much call for Sarah at the moment, judging by this sparse audience in Orange County, but then it isn't fair being placed in the same cineplex with Harry Potter, or for that matter Errol Morris' recent picture, Tabloid, which looks much more fun than The Undefeated.  Maybe Sarah should have had Errol do her documentary?

Here's the official trailer.  Whoops, I meant this one ; )


  1. I don't like that title. Too ambiguous. Undefeated at what, Ms. Vice-President? Bear wrestling? How about something a little more to the point, such as 'The Unbelievable'? Gintaras is right about that poster, though. Instant collectors item. It just screams out "Home video camera-$2,500. budget, not a dime's worth of content for your buck (as usual)".

  2. I think Undeterred would have been a better title, or maybe Uninvited ; )

  3. Hard to find any opening weekend numbers. Apparently, the film was released in only 10 select cities around the country, including Atlanta, where it purportedly outperformed "Transformers,"

    Could this be the next "Passion of the Christ?"

  4. Finally some numbers,

    with the Palin claiming it is a hit, while others see it as just a so-so premier in select theaters. Seems they were trying to duplicate The Passion phenomenon, with AMC theaters hedging its bets.

  5. A friend and I had an interesting disagreement the other night.

    He is sort of smitten in a weird left-wing, libertarian way (I know, full of contradictions) by Michelle Bachmann, or at least by what her staff has written for her at her website. I seriously doubt he has ever heard her speak.

    I find her terrifying, partially because she has that deer in the headlights look about her that suggests brainwashing, and partially because she has learned how to stay on message no matter what the question.

    Both research and experience with anti-gay, pro-family politicians suggest that those who are the most outspoken tend to be the most closeted. If someone does indeed "out" her husband, then she may take a real personal and professional dive. Otherwise, polls suggest she's on a real winning streak with those who come out to vote in Republican primaries, particularly the early ones.

    In any event, I found myself in the unique position of taking the side of Sarah Palin. When you get a hint of what she might really be like, she seems like someone I'd know here. Mindless maybe but high energy and initially committed to doing right by the state of Alaska. Heaven forbid we'd have to choose between the two, which was our final resolution.

    Speaking of bad choices, I'm reading a fascinating book about Cuba and American interventions in the Caribbean:

    The author is very young and just charges in -- it's an amazing, eye opening book.

  6. There is something real sinister about Bachmann. Palin is more the goofball type, hard to take her seriously, but I worry about those behind her, like her husband Todd, who by many accounts was calling many shots those two years in Juneau. But, Bachmann has Ed Rollins. He's evil incarnate.

  7. I think Todd may be the real right winger of the family. A member of the secessionist party. I have met a few of his type up this way, too. But they both seem like such light weights that other than her brief fling with McCain, she doesn't seem destined for anything other than big money making. Bachmann on the other hand is disciplined. Thank goodness the McCain team didn't find her.

    I'll let you know about the Cuba book as I get more into it. So far I'm really impressed. We need more books that take on a subject like that. As the review said, it might be in part because she wasn't even born when these events took place.

  8. Another interesting insight into Bachmann:

    Now that she's under attack because of her headaches, people are coming to her defense. I hope this doesn't turn into a trend. It puts me in the very awkward position of having to find more nice things to say about Sarah Palin in comparison and I'm running out of ideas ....

    (or as Robert Whelan used to say at the Times, I'll take Grant if you'll take Lee -- worked every time. GET WELL SOON Robert)

  9. Is RW sick again? I was wondering why he hasn't spoken out on the forum lately. Hope he gets well real soon. He has always made our forums real special.

  10. Yes,Gintaras mentioned that he had another minor stroke but was in touch with him(bosox)

  11. Thanx Bosox ~ I just sent RW a note & hope he fully recovers real soon.

  12. Very little interest in Sarah, it seems,