Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sex, lies and illigitimate children

Sounds like quite a page turner.  As I recall, Grover Cleveland was one of TR's "heros," and to some degree he modeled his administration on that of his Democratic predecessor.  But, Charles Lachman explores a much more seamy side to the President, who was elected on two separate occasions.  I suppose this story resonates today in the wake of the Edwards and Schwarzenegger paternity scandals, and casts new light on Cleveland.  Here is Lachman plugging his book on The Daily Beast.

Matthew Algeo explores another side of Cleveland in The President Is a Sick Man.  This is an account of a "secret operation" Cleveland had to remove a tumor, fearing that his presidential administration would be doomed if the public found out.  But, apparently E.J. Edwards picked up on the story and ran it in a Philadelphia paper.  Unlike today, Edwards paid a heavy price for his "scoop."  Seems ol' Grover had a lot of secrets.


  1. ''a secret life''

    That's the headlines here in the Twin Cities regarding Michele Bachmann's husband Marcus. He is one of those anti-gay right wing religious fanatics who has been very vocal about his hatred for homosexuals. But local gay advocates say he is a closet case who will soon be exposed for what he truly is.

  2. That would certainly light up the tabloid pages. Bachmann is a cross between Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin and Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. There is this B-movie feel that surrounds everything about her and her husband, which I suppose is what has made her so "attractive" to the press.