Saturday, January 14, 2012

Birth of a Dream

I still think this is one of the best books written about King and the origins of the Civil Rights Movement.  My big moment came in documenting the Sixteenth St. Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, for the Historical American Buildings Survey.  It gave a much deeper sense of the events that shaped the movement.  It was also the summer I read the book.


  1. This is the only post that I can respond to on the blog. I have been having this problem for three days. When I click on the comments section for the other posts, the blog stalls.

  2. Had the same problem as well, Rick. Switched to Google Chrome as my browser and the problem went away.

  3. Always associate Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" with the death of MLK, but it was about conditions in general at the times. Great concert footage of Marvin singing this wonderful song,

  4. Interesting to read Rick Santorum voicing so much concern for disenfranchised black voters,

    When given the first opportunity, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum jumped into the Romney pile-on by calling out a pro-Romney super PAC for releasing an ad that criticized Santorum for supporting a bill that let convicted felons vote once they had served their time. Santorum hit back by saying he felt that people who served their time should be free to vote and pressed Romney on his own position.

    "This is Martin Luther King Day," Santorum said, interrupting Romney when he tried to defend himself. "This is a huge deal in the African American community, because we have very high rates of incarceration--disproportionally high rates particularly with drug crimes within the African American community."

    But, as one might suspect it was just a trap to catch Romney, who had supported even more "radical" legislation in Massachusetts.