Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's in a Caucus?

Ever since the Iowa caucuses propelled McGovern in the 1972 Democratic race, a lot of interest has been put into this state.  What this bodes for Rick Santorum remains to be seen, but here is a short history of the Iowa caucuses.

You have to marvel at how the former Pennsylvania senator went from a virtual nobody in this election cycle to a virtual tie with Romney in Iowa.  But, with the two of them together barely getting 50% of the caucus vote, you can still say it is a "hung jury" as far as a clear frontrunner in the GOP race.


  1. [somewhat off topic ...]

    Newt Gingrich says our Founding Fathers opposed cannabis:

    He obviously needs a few history lessons as our Founders were growers of that good stuff.

  2. I think they grew cannibis mostly for hemp products, but ol' Newt is too busy playing into the religious right wing of the party to bother with any facts.

    Meanwhile, the Newt is lashing out at Romney and Paul as he tries to warm up to New Hampshire voters,

    It's fun watching the GOP primaries this year, especially now that the gloves are off.

  3. It's amusing to see the media fawning all over Santorum after dismissing him for most of the campaign. Not that he deserved any attention. But, I think this "Santorum mania" will be very short lived. He better enjoy it while he can.

    Although I found this odd piece on the relationship between Santorum and U2's Bono,

    Interestingly, the Santorum campaign linked a fundraiser with a U2 concert by inviting persons to his box seat, but apparently neither Bono nor any other member of U2 are prepared to endorse him,

  4. "Front-runner Mitt Romney came under attack today in the second Republican presidential debate in two days, with rivals saying he couldn't defeat President Obama."

    As if . . . oh, never mind.

  5. This race appears over before it hardly began. Shaping up a lot like what happened to the Democrats in 2004. The only question is whether the teabaggers can bring themselves to support Romney, or if they jump ship and vote for Ron Paul or someone else as an "Independent." Either way, the Republicans lose in November.

  6. Kamikaze Newt,

  7. Seems Newt now considers himself part of the Reagan team,

    "I participated in the '80s in an enormous project of economic growth and, with President Reagan's leadership, the American people created 16 million jobs," he said.