Thursday, April 12, 2012

DNA of the Dickinson family

Oxford professor Lyndall Gordon brings the advantage of distance and a fresh and tough-minded perspective to her fascinating study. Combining information from biographies and library archives, and paying careful attention to material that has been overlooked or overshadowed, Gordon also considers the afterlife of Dickinson's poetry. She offers clear and boldly original answers to the "unanswered questions" of Dickinson's life, and an ethnographic and historical approach to the problems of the literary biographer. Although such answers can never explain the nature or sources of creativity, Gordon argues that they can offer "securer openings" to Dickinson's buried life.


  1. Miss Emily's DNA line:

    John Bronson
    b. say 1603, d. 28 Nov 1680
    Frances Hill
    b. between 1605 and 1609

    Mary Bronson
    b. 12 Dec 1627, d. 1690
    John Wyatt
    b. say 1622

    Elizabeth Wyatt
    b. say 1669
    Samuel Gunn
    b. say 1664

    Nathaniel Gunn
    b. say 1691
    Esther Belden
    b. say 1696

    Nathaniel Gunn Jr
    b. say 1718
    Dorothy Marsh
    b. say 1723

    Nathaniel Gunn III
    b. say 1745
    Hannah Montague
    b. say 1750

    Lucretia Gunn
    b. say 1772
    Samuel F. Dickinson
    b. say 1766

    Edward Dickinson
    b. 1803, d. 1879
    Emily Norcross
    b. 1804, d. 1882

    Emily E. Dickinson
    b. 10 Dec 1830, d. 15 May 1886

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  3. ''We never know how high we are
    Till we are called to rise;
    And then, if we are true to plan,
    Our statures touch the skies ...''

    quoting Emily D