Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Destiny's Child

If we still had our old NYTimes reading group, I would be suggesting this engaging new novel,

Mr. Fountain, whose only previous book was the short-story collection “Brief Encounters With Che Guevara,” sets up this Thanksgiving game as an artfully detailed microcosm of America in general, and George W. Bush’s Texas in particular, during the Iraq war. Though it covers only a few hours, the book is a gripping, eloquent provocation. Class, privilege, power, politics, sex, commerce and the life-or-death dynamics of battle all figure in Billy Lynn’s surreal game day experience. Although BeyoncĂ©’s girl group is on red-hot display during halftime, this book leaves no doubt that Billy is the real destiny’s child in the story.

From a review by Janet Maslin in NYTimes.


  1. That does sound good -- Texas is football. The nation under Bush probably was, too.

  2. It seems politics has become a national sport. It appears to have little to do with sound governing, judging by the ridiculous defense bill the House has come up, which would increase spending and limit the president's authority. Seems Boehner is Newt Gingrich all over again, and probably with the same downfall after the elections.

  3. Let's hope so. I just lost my part-time job because I am no longer a student. And thanks to Boehner et al. they can't hire me to keep working.

    Agencies have to do more and more work with less and less resources, with only students to help. Good for the students, but not so sure how good it is for protecting the natural resources of the nation.

  4. I just don't get all this "chicken hawk" stuff by the Republicans. Here is a golden opportunity to substantially reduce spending, and they are clamoring for more defense spending. I understand that it benefits the defense industry, but there is a fundamental disconnect between their fiscal rhetoric and the desire to give the Pentagon a virtual blank check. Even the teabaggers have picked up on this with Rand Paul calling for defense spending cuts.

    This is a political party that defies credibility on every level, yet there are plenty of rank and file people are there voting GOP. I was appalled to see a "business rancher" win the GOP Senate primary in Nebraska. Sharron Angle all over again. At least I hope so, as it would give Bob Kerrey the inside track on a return to the US Senate.

    These persons are so far out in right field that they can't even see what is going on.

  5. Everyone allegedly wants a strong military, but they don't want to pay for it. So they get tax cuts for the wealthy and cuts for teachers and fire fighters and other government services. It's sort of all of one piece.