Sunday, March 6, 2016

What's in a name?

I was telling my friends in Germany how sad it is today that one has to rely on comedy programs for insightful political commentary in America.  While Fox, CNN and the other network news programs all fawn over Trump for ratings, John Oliver offers the most trenchant look into Donald's past, including his conveniently forgotten family name - Drumpf.  Yes, Donald J. Drumpf.

A wikipage was quickly set up, as well as twitterbot on Drumpf.  Not that it will make much of a dent in his campaign that scored big on Super Tuesday. but Oliver's 20-minute expose on Drumpf has been heard far and wide.  Rubio seized on Donald's small hands at the debate, which Oliver made many pointed references to in the episode.  I'm surprised Cruz didn't seize on Drumpf, I'm sure that would have gotten the real estate mogul's goat.

Oliver had to dig deep for this family name, as it apparently dates back to Hans Drumpf in the early 17th century.  By 1660 the name had been changed to Trump.  It emanates from Southern Germany, a heritage Trump seems to avoid for the most part, preferring to reference his mother's Scottish connection.   The feeling appears to be mutual as Germans have no interest in taking claim of Trump, judging by what little I picked up from German television following his Super Tuesday victories.

The Donald has left a rather foul odor behind him in Scotland though, resulting in this documentary that parsed out his infamous deal to build a golf course in Menie.  I'm surprised John didn't pick up on this venture, as it is the one that has caused Donald the most grief in the UK, resulting in a petition to ban him from setting foot in the country ever again.  Instead, Oliver highlighted Trump's failed real estate ventures in Baja California and Tampa, Florida, that have left other persons feeling fleeced.

The Drumpf Train seemed to slow a bit on Saturday.  He managed to scratch out victories in Louisiana and Kentucky, but lost Maine and Kansas to the ever-present Ted Cruz.  If Marco can pull out a victory in Florida and Kasich take Drumpf in Michigan and Ohio, the Republican nomination may still be anyone's ball game.  But, right now the Donald leads in all three states, and victories would finish Rubio and Kasich, leaving only the pesky Cruz too battle with.

Then it would be decision time for the GOP establishment.  Do they throw in their lot behind Donald J. Drumpf or do we see a Republicans for Hillary growing out of the widespread moderate Republican disenchantment with a Drumpf candidacy.  Cruz has already said he would stick with his pledge to support the Republican nominee, but then he is not very well liked among the Republican establishment either.

You can well imagine that the RNC and its SuperPACs will do everything it can to stop the Donald in the weeks ahead.  Maybe they should take a cue from John Oliver and promote Drumpf apps to take away the one thing the Donald has used most effectively in his campaign -- his name.

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