Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pueblo Revolt 1680

For years I had a Pueblo Revolt Poster hung on the wall.  It was great to read how the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Arizona drove the Spanish missionaries out of their homes back in 1680.  Of course, most of the missionaries returned with troops to back them up, but to this day the Hopi villages remain firmly in Hopi hands.

Not that the missionaries were all bad.  There were reports that some of the missionaries integrated themselves so fully in the pueblo communities that they came under fire by regional Spanish authorities.  They helped to preserve some of the rich heritage in accounts they put together.  Yet, the Hopi and other Pueblo Indians continue to shun these accounts, preferring to draw on their own oral history instead.

Here's one of the more recent books on the subject.  And, here's an account at the time, written as a letter by Governor and Captain-General, Don Antonio de Otermin, from New Mexico. 


  1. Hi. My name is Charlie....
    Can you please tell me about the picture please?

  2. Hello Charlie,

    Cemetery at the Ruins of
    Old San Geronimo (Jerome) Church

    Built in 1619, this mission church was destroyed in the Great Pueblo Revolt in 1680 and rebuilt in 1706. During the Mexican American War, the U.S. Army bombarded it again leaving only the bell tower standing.

  3. Is this a colonist cemetery?

  4. Further shown in the link,

    It has since been a cemetery which is now filled. Taos Indians are buried according to their traditional religious practice, with the addition of a Christian cross.