Wednesday, May 29, 2013

No more room for Reagan

Bob Dole is the latest conservative to come out and say that the GOP needs to do some soul searching.  When asked on Fox News Sunday if Reagan would make it in today's Republican party, he said "I doubt it," and further noted that the national committee should put a sign on its door, "Closed for Repairs" and come back next year with new ideas and a new agenda.

Meanwhile, Boehner and Mitch seem to be on cruise control, content to sit it out until 2014, assuming Americans will blame the latest stalemate on Obama and the Democrats, despite most polls showing just the opposite.  Yet, the Tea Party remains very active, and may very well mount insurgent challenges to Republican leaders who have been anything but inspiring.

The Tea Party seems to have gotten a lift from the IRS "unfairly" targeting it for tax audits.  A Northern California Tea Party affiliate has even filed a law suit against the IRS.  Tea Party darlings, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, still get a lot of press, but Bachmann, the TP caucus leader in the House, says she won't run for re-election.  However, Sarah Palin took full advantage of Memorial Day weekend by pitching up at the Indy 500.

The Dems seem to be targeting key House races that could put them in the majority.  Virginia is seen as one pivotal state.  The DNC has to make a stronger effort this year as the mood of the country definitely opens the door to potential big gains in '14, if the DNC invests wisely.

It is a shame it has come to this.  Like the old Pete Seeger song, Which Side Are You On? we have to choose between one party or the other to effect change, especially with labor issues once again in the fore.   Bipartisanship seems to be a thing of the past.

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  1. Good to see Bachmann quitting - there have been too many scandals involving her staff, she has made an endless amount of lies which have proven to be embarrassing, and her husband's anti-gay movement has been said by many local gay advocates to be a cover up for his own closeted lifestyle.

    As for Reagan:

    "Reagan, Nixon would never get voted in by today's Republicans, Bob Dole says
    The former Repubican Party standard-bearer says that today's GOP members are too conservative and overly partisan. 'They ought to put a sign on the National Committee doors that says "closed for repairs,"' he says.

    Read more:

    Even Jeb Bush has expressed disgust with the slant his party is taking today.