Saturday, May 4, 2013

Take me back to the days of the Wild West

The NRA is flying high these days, fresh off their "victory" in defeating a Senate bill that called for tighter background checks and gun registration.  Apparently, gun rights has become a civil rights issue in their minds, feeling that "law-abiding gun owners" are under attack, waving around the second amendment as their "red badge of courage."

If you thought Wayne La Pierre wasn't bad enough,  meet their president, a tough talking SOB who takes the NRA to the outer limits of the Far Right with his incendiary comments.  I suppose in some way this is good, because it helps to illustrate what a bunch of lunatics the NRA has become.

Their recent summit included Senate bad boy, Ted Cruz, and that famous pitbull with lipstick, Sarah Palin.  Rick Perry was there too, pitching in his two cents at the event dubbed a "leadership forum."  No one likes gun violence, Perry said, while trying to lure gun manufacturers to come to Texas to avoid all those pesky regulations.  All part of his great business plan to take Texas back to the days of the Wild West.

You just have to wonder when Americans are going to say enough is enough and vote these buffoons out of his, severely limiting the clout the NRA carries in state legislatures and Capitol Hill.

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