Monday, November 11, 2013

Your Tomorrows Never Come

You don't hear Eddie Cochran mentioned much these days, but Jim Jarmusch took the time to remember him in his new film, Only Lovers Left Alive.  While the film is ostensibly about melancholy vampires, it showcases one vampire's passion for vintage electric guitars, notably the hollow body Gretsch, which was Cochran's signature guitar.  It was also Chet Atkins' go-to guitar.

Cochran had an all too brief shining moment.  He was one of the kings of Rockabilly, which competed with early Rock and Roll.  He couldn't have been more than 17 in this clip from The Girl Can't Have It.  Cochran would have a much more pronounced role in Untamed Youth, which made Rebel Without a Cause look pretty tame.  He was as big a draw as any of the top performers of the era.  Sadly, he died in a car accident while on tour in England.

His songs were covered by everyone from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin, shaping the music that would become the British Invasion in the 60s, making him one of the most influential musicians and songwriters of his era.  Here is YourTomorrows Never Come with the Cochran Brothers.


  1. Interesting that Cochran was a Minnesota boy, just like Dylan.

  2. Many of the guitars in the film were provided by my father's shop Palm Guitars in Amsterdam!

  3. It was a beautiful range of guitars!