Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You Betcha

She should call it CSN -- the Crazy Sarah Network.  It seems some persons can never get enough of the Sweetheart of Wasilla, who launched her own internet channel this week to the delight of fans.  She leads her blog, er channel, with a banner that includes the ever-growing national debt and how many days left in the Obama administration.  She also has a word of the day -- factious -- noting her dissenting nature.  Facetious would have probably been a better word.

The debate of the day is "The Truth About the War in Israel" but unfortunately you have to become a member to join the thread.  $9.95 per month thank you.  She also asks you to send her questions, videos and what not, but you guessed it, you have to be a member to do that too.  She does provide a few free samples, like anniversary wishes to her parents, "53 years of wedded bliss," and a link to her daughter's blog, "BristolPalin: Life.  Family.  Alaska."  Apparently it is free.  And, of course there is an attack on Obama, claiming he has an "addiction" known as OPM or Other People's Money.  How clever!

The video clips vary in length from one-in-a-half minutes to a 7-minute clip on what it is like to be "Mom-in-Chief," as she takes care of her son, Trig, who has Down Syndrome.   This is really more a self-promoting blog than a channel.  It is hard to think of this as serious news, but her launch party has once again thrust her into the "lamestream media."  Virtually every media outlet is covering her debut, although she wants it known that she has no time for "media filters" and asks you to see the Real Sarah live and unplugged.  You have to wonder how many deluded folks are going to pay for this on a monthly basis, but she probably has "maverick" plans for those who pay a year or two in advance.

It seems she had this project in the works before offering herself as a new panelist on The View, anticipating that Whoopi would say no.  The Sportsman Channel carries her all new original series "Amazing America."  She had been dumped by Discovery (parent company of TLC) after a short run of Sarah Palin's Alaska a few years ago.  One would like to think the facebook "boycott" played a role in this but it was probably just bad ratings.  You can't fault her for still trying to cash in on her celebrity, especially among Teabaggers, who continue to flock to her rallies.  Maybe Palinheads would be a better name.  Just look at Mama Grizzly exhorting her following like a rock star.

That's more of Sarah than I imagine any of you wanted to see, although I expect you will be hearing lots more about her on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, as Jon and Stephen will now have a bottomless well of jokes.

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