Monday, January 28, 2013

Dink's Song

On a different note, the Coen Brothers have put together a movie, Inside Llewyn Davis, that captures "Village" life in the early 60s.  It seems to presuppose the folk scene before Dylan came to dominate the scene, with the lead character loosely based on Dave Van Ronk, whose posthumous book, The Mayor of Macdougal Street served as inspiration for the Coens.

Joel Coen jokingly compares his movie to Les Miserables, as the film is built around full length folk songs that were common at the time, but rather than rush the movie to theaters before the Oscar nominations, it seems the Coens were content to let the film build up some buzz this Spring with a clever trailer, before premiering it in Cannes in May.  The first screening seemed to be a hit with Elijah Wald, who helped Van Ronk compile his memoirs, but he cautions not to read too much of Van Ronk into the title character.

Here's Van Ronk singing Dink's Song.

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