Monday, June 6, 2016

Trump's African-American

Trump was desperately searching the crowd for a non-white face on Friday and landed on a black man holding a "Veterans for Trump" placard over his head, apparently to shield himself from the glare of the sun.  It turned out to be a serendipitous moment for Gregory Cheadle, as he is running for public office himself, the US Congress no less.

Mr. Cheadle claims to not have made up his mind yet on Trump, and that he actually thought about attending a Bernie rally in Southern California, but I guess there wasn't much chance he would have been singled out there unless he tried to take the stage, as Trump alluded to at a previous rally.

He presents himself as an 1856 Republican, the year the fledgling political party stood up against the Missouri Compromise.  The party platform was basically an extension of the earlier Free Soil Party.  It's nice to see someone stand up for these resolutions but he loses it with his lengthy quiz that follows, because the Republican Party today is a far cry from that in 1856 or even the 1960s which he also refers to.

It has become convenient in recent years for the Republican Party to try to reclaim Lincoln, as Baba O'Reilly has done, but Lincoln and the Republicans were all about "big government."  The Radical Republicans of the 1860s passed sweeping federal resolutions that would make Republicans today cringe.  Not only did they force Southern states to have to prove their loyalty before being readmitted to the United States, but passed sweeping public service programs like health, education and welfare which they imposed on the recalcitrant Southern states, much the same way the federal government has imposed the Affordable Care Act, which Southern governors continue to challenge in federal courts.

Alas, it is not so much a history lesson that Mr. Cheadle tries to give as it is turning history into talking points that benefit his political aspirations.  He goes onto demand an "apology" from Barack Hussein Obama and the Democratic Party for 150 years of Racism, as though Democrats today are the same as they were in antebellum America.

So, yes, he is Trump's African-American -- a man who uses cheap promotional tools for his own personal gain.  Nice try, Gregory, but we all know who you will vote for in November, and by the way don't hold your breath as far as that "apology" is concerned.

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