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Special Relationship?

I have to say I greatly appreciate the renewed interest, especially as it is coming from the US and France.  Every other month, I used to get a big uptick in Russian viewers.  Have no idea why that was.  But, readers are always welcome.  Comments are even more welcome!

Theresa May evoked the "special relationship" Margaret Thatcher had with Ronald Reagan in her speech before the Republicans gathered at a  "policy retreat" in Philadelphia.  It was really something to behold as she did her best to appeal to their conservative roots, calling Trump's election victory "a new era of American renewal."  The speech went on for an insufferable 35 minutes.    I thought much longer as no sooner did it appear she had reached an ending point than she started right back up on how much the US and UK have given to the world.

She came across as a schoolmarm trying to appeal to British and American egos at the expense of everyone else in the world.  At least she didn&…

One Nation Under Trump

I couldn't resist another post.  I haven't gotten my new blog up and running yet, at least not the way I would like, so I thought I would offer my initial impressions of Emperor Trump.

We all knew he would hit the ground running, sort of anyway.  He showed at his inauguration parade that walking, let alone running, is not one of his strong suits.  This guy could barely move.  Whatever exercise he gets will obviously be on the golf course.  But, there is no lethargy in his tiny little hands.  He immediately started signing executive orders, putting his imprimatur on the White House.  The only thing he seemed to forget about was a page that allows you to petition him to save the National Endowment for the Arts.  I guess after Sly turned down the job to head the NEA there was no point in keeping it.  The petition had garnered thousands of signatures before the White House caught on and made sure the page no longer responded.

His Trumpness also wants to get rid of a number of oth…

So long and thanks for all the phish

It's been fun but I decided to start a new blog with a new host as there just isn't much action in Blogger.  Wordpress, Medium and Tumblr draw much more readership and well, I want to be heard.  Besides, I was never able to get any satisfaction from Blogger in eliminating the embedded viral ads that redirect many readers.  I'll keep this blog up for awhile, as I want to go through the material and see how much is worth keeping.  Feel free to peruse.

I'll post a link to the new blog once I get it up and running for those who are curious.  Meantime, you can reach me at