Wednesday, October 24, 2012

... and now for the other side

There have been a series of "third party debates" going on, including one last night with Larry King serving as moderator.  They sound as though they have been more entertaining than the Presidential debates.  Legalization of pot appears to be the touchstone issue, with three of the four candidates calling for an end to the war on drugs.  Even fiscal conservative Virgil Goode wants to cut financing for federal drug enforcement as a means of reducing the deficit.  But, alas, such issues can only be discussed on the fringe of mainstream politics.  Ron Paul got little traction during the primaries for similarly calling for the legalization of cannabis, which earned him Snoop Dogg's and other rockers' endorsements.

Obama and Romney both have to skirt issues such as marijuana legalization that don't play well in the mainstream. Sadly, alternative energy and sustainable design remain fringe issues, despite the US reaching the 50 gW milestone in wind energy this week.

There is another debate scheduled for October 30.

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