Saturday, October 27, 2012


Here's an interesting little bit of Americana:

In place of Monopoly’s “Go!” was a box marked “Labor Upon Mother Earth Produces Wages.” The Landlord Game’s chief entertainment was the same as in Monopoly: competitors were to be saddled with debt and ultimately reduced to financial ruin, and only one person, the supermonopolist, would stand tall in the end. 

The players could, however, vote to do something not officially allowed in Monopoly: cooperate. Under this alternative rule set, they would pay land rent not to a property’s title holder but into a common pot—the rent effectively socialized so that, as Magie later wrote, “Prosperity is achieved.”


  1. Speaking of Park Place and Boardwalk, this is what it feels like,

  2. That is fantastic! $$ Trumps Vote should have a little running Trump on it ....

  3. Under Monopoly seems the right place to put this:

    Some amazing twists and turns. The good news is that Steve Bullock is running for governor. The bad news is that like everywhere else, the race is tied. I'm doing calls for him tomorrow.