Thursday, December 6, 2012

So Long Dave

Another American original has left us.  Dave Brubeck was featured on the cover of Time magazine in 1954 and never had to look back.  His career spanned 7 decades and reshaped the world of jazz with his unusual and engaging rhythms, like Unsquare Dance, and reached a high point with his classic 1959 album, Time Out, which gave us perhaps the most recognized jazz song in history, Take Five.  Like Dizzie Gillespie and other jazz greats, Brubeck was a world traveler and engaged audiences all around the globe wth his infectuous music.


  1. I was on another website where some young folks wrote that they had never heard of DB. So they went to youtube to watch/listen to his music and now they see why us older types enjoyed his work so much.

    What a musical super star he was!

  2. Pretty hard not to like his music, no matter how old you are. I guess most kids have heard his music sampled by others.

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