Friday, July 12, 2013

Fear and Loathing Over Obamacare

Once again we see the loathsome "Obamacare" under fire with huge amounts of money being spent to fight it by conservative groups.  Kaiser Health News reports that negative ads outnumber positive ads five to one, and an estimated $1 billion will be spend on advertising in the year leading up to the midterm elections as the Republicans once again plan to make an "issue" out of it.

Of course, it didn't help matters that the Obama administration chose to defer mandates another year, ostensibly to avoid making it an issue in the midterms.  The news media pounced all over this, with many sources questioning the "Constitutionality" of the deferment.  But, I think it is just an attempt to move away from the overhyped Snowden affair onto another hot button issue, as the Obama administration is perfectly within its rights to delay the mandates, especially if they found holes in the system, which they claim they did.

It seems the GOP will never accept the Affordable Care Act, with many "red states" continuing to fight it, leaving potentially millions of Americans out of the loop. All that money and effort would be better spent trying to clean up the Act so that it is more comprehensive and can't get so easily abused.  But, until it fully kicks in, which won't be until 2015 now, there is no way of really knowing how effective the ACA will be.

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