Wednesday, May 19, 2010


 Not too often I get excited about a television show, but Treme is the real deal.  Finally, something that captures the look and feel of New Orleans without devolving into a bunch of cliches.  The music is fantastic, and the story lines offer a compelling narrative of events in the aftermath of Katrina.  Seems the show has struck a nerve, as HBO has picked it up for a second season.

One of the many references in the series, is the 1927 flood with Creighton trying to get himself to go back to a novel he started on the flood.  One scene shows him reading Rising Tide by  John Barry on the porch of his Garden District home.

PBS ran a documentary on Faubourg Tremé last year, which I would like to see.  Spike Lee also did a documentary a few years back on the aftermath of the storm entitled, When the Levees Broke.  And, of course I can't recommend Zeitoun more strongly!  Great account of what happened to one family during the storm, which Jonathon Demme plans on making into a movie.


  1. I'll have to watch one of these while I still have HBO. I've seen promos for it.

  2. Well worth watching Marti. Really captures the spirit of New Orleans.

  3. The last two episodes haven't been up to speed, I thought. Seems the writers are starting to wallow a bit too much in New Orleans' self pity.