Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wilson's War Speeches

Here is the full text of the book, Why We Are At War, which is a collection of Wilson's "war speeches," most of which were directed to Congress.  There is also a speech calling for "A World League of Peace."


  1. I got your message on facebook and tried to respond, but forgot. My caretaker will come over and re-educate me how to send you a reply. Anyhow, I forgot tht my birthday is 0n Monday. I'll be 68.
    My father was in World War I--he enlisted on Jsnuary 3, 1916 and was given a field dischargeon January 14, 1916 somewhere in the vicinity of Verdun, France about a month before the battle. He was in the Deptforth Seaforth Highlanders, "having made a serious misstatement as to his age at the time of enlistmet." "His coduct wwilst with the colors was GOOD" He was shipped back to Perth000and then went home to, waited a year and re-enlisted in the same regiment. His discharge is in excellent shape and is on very heavy paperfoled in half twice.

  2. Great to have treasures like this one. Pretty short enlistment though.