Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Rum(sfeld) Diary

In between quoting Churchill and reminiscing on his childhood days, Rummy apparently promises some good fodder from his days in the White House in his upcoming memoirs.  It should provide some amusing barbs if nothing else.  But, what is it about this guy that reminds me of Adolf Eichmann?


  1. I suppose one could also dub his book Rum Punch, after the Elmore Leonard novel.

  2. Ugh. First off, he's standing in front of the Absaroka Mountains in the Paradise Valley where I used to live. He's spoiling the landscape. Apparently he has a cousin who lives there, but I also read a couple days ago that he now owns a ranch down there too. These are the men who still hold the millions after the Bush depression.

    Here's my favorite Rumsfeld story, which I'm pretty sure happened exactly like this: A former artist friend of mine, who is from France but living in Livingston, was working at an art gallery. My friend, being very outgoing, approached a small group of customers to chat, and at some point said in her French accent to one of the men, "You look very familiar." The man smiled. "Don't you work at the hardware store down the street?"

    After telling another friend the story that day, my artist friend later denied that this happened. But I think when she realized what she had said to Rumsfeld, she was too embarrassed to admit it.

  3. I take it back, he ended up buying a place in the Big Hole (some nice symmetry there) -- Nez Perce country -- south of Twin Bridges.


    But I still think that photo is in the Paradise Valley. I don't recall mountains that look like that down around the Big Hole River.

  4. stay calm avrds---and prepare yourself. The book is to be released inFebruary.

    Does Gintaras have an advanced copy?

  5. Harrumph..... Montana is a big state but it's not _that_ big.

    (The fear around Twin Bridges I read today is that he might invite Dick Cheney to come hunting.....)

  6. With any luck they can take each other out.

  7. I'm surprised anyone would want to be near Cheney on a hunt.

    No, Robert, no advance copy nor do I plan on reading it. The guy is an ass as far as I'm concerned. A convivial one perhaps, but an ass just the same.