Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Collective Bargaining Wins

This stamp was issued in 1975 to honor 40 years of the Wagner Act.  It seems that for the last 40 years the Republicans have done everything in their power to try to roll back this legislation.  They took a big blow in Ohio, where more than 60% of the state voted against Kasich's new bill that would have greatly restricted collective bargaining.  It seems Americans are finally waking up to what is happening.  Mississippians also rejected a bill that would have stated life begins at fertilization.


  1. Once Reagan and his cabal of corporatist snobs killed off the unions, that's when the government started exporting jobs. All hell broke loose thereafter.

    Bring back the unions and America will be strong again.

  2. It was a rough day for the Republicans. I see the Arizona Senate leader, Russell Pearce, got ousted in a recall vote. And, then there was Rick Perry's gaffe to top all gaffes,

    Thanks Marti for the link.