Saturday, August 11, 2012

Straight, No Chaser

I traveled through Kentucky bourbon country once, and the smell from the distilleries was overpowering.  Not much of a selection over here, but occasionally I find myself sipping on a dram of Maker's Mark or Bulleit bourbon.  Unlike Scotch, bourbon is never blended, but there are select barrels sniffed out by great noses like Booker Noe that can compete with any Scottish single malt in aroma and flavor.

Bourbon country seems to have expanded over the years, judging by this label distilled in Oregon.  Japan's Kirin Brewing Company distributes Four Roses bourbon worldwide, but hasn't distilled any bourbon yet, like it does Nikka single malt.  Very good whiskey by the way.  Heaven Hills distilleries even has brands for the 2012 political campaign.

Unfortunately, no one has sat and written as imaginative and colorful book on bourbon like that which Andrew Jefford did in Peat Smoke and Spirit.  But, there are some interesting titles available, notably The Social History of Bourbon.  Feel free to share any bourbon anecdotes you might have.

Photo courtesy of Bourbon Street Photography.


  1. I'm not sure about Bourbon but the latest trend in the U.S. is the micro distillery -- we've got a couple in Montana and another is about to open in my little town. I'm a microbrewery person myself, with an occasional Tanqueray and tonic in the summer, but I think it's great see the local food movement taking over distilling, too.

    The local brewery is starting with vodka and then gin according to what I've read.

  2. We all may need some bourbon after Romney announces Ryan. At least it won't be boring now.