Saturday, January 30, 2016

With the return of The X-Files, you can bet there is going to be a lot of interest in the recent Air Force documents known as the Project Blue Book, which contain over 130,000 pages of UFO sightings and other phenomena that have beguiled UFO enthusiasts for years.  The recordings go back to the 1940s, but for some reason leave out the notorious Roswell incident, which conspiracy theorists insist the government has harbored what really happened one summer night back in 1947 on ranch in southern New Mexico.  This incident is the starting point of the re-booted television mini-series that will run for 6 episodes.

Roswell is a mecca for ufologists and fans alike.  It's not surprising strange things have been spotted in the night sky, as Walker Air Force Base is close by.  One of the reasons the Roswell incident wasn't included is because the Air Force has insisted for decades that it was nothing more than a conventional weather balloon that crashed to the ground.  It has already released numerous documents regarding Project Mogul, but the conspiracy theories live on thanks to shows like The X-Files.  Our need to believe is so strong that we often discount the more mundane possibilities.

Chris Carter compressed all his paranoid theories into the first episode with Mulder given a first hand look at the alien technology the Air Force has been hiding all these years.  Something he was never able to establish conclusively during the show's previous run, as anytime he got close the nasty Smoking Man stepped in.  It seems this time around, Chris is going to leave little to the imagination, spilling it all out on the table for all to see.

Too bad as that is what made The X-Files so compelling.  The ever skeptical Scully usually was able to come up with a reasonable explanation that even Mulder had to concede was probably the case.  Now, it seems Scully will become a believer too.

Much of the plot revolves around genetic experimentation of crossing alien with human DNA resulting in mostly failed experiments, but a young brother and sister pair show the most promising abilities.  It will be interesting to see where Carter takes this premise, as genetic experimentation has become all too real.  If nothing else, it helps to explain all the strange characters we met before.  

The only problem is that Mulder throws in everything including the kitchen sink in one of his preachier moments.  He even comes to believe there is an international cabal that is going to use this alien technology to take over the world.  Enter the Smoking Man.

I well imagine the Air Force had long planned to release this information, as they claim it is purely a coincidence that the declassified information has come out the same time as the return of The X-Files.  The Air Force no longer considers these UFO sighting a matter of national security, probably haven't for a long time, as the files date from 1947-1969.  We have John Greenewald to thank for having petitioned the Air Force the past two decades to release these documents under the Freedom of Information Act. He offers it all on his website, The Black Vault.  Careful.  Be very careful!

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