Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Ultimatum

or Covfefe Anyone?

You know things are getting dicey if Sean Hannity issues an ultimatum to Roy Moore to come clean on the allegations that he propositioned teenagers while Assistant District Attorney of Etowah County, Alabama.  Sean had been one of the Ten Commandments Judge's staunchest defenders. but when the former judge's wife used a five-month old letter to show her husband still had the support of 53 pastors, even Hannity had to wonder what was going on here.

Allegations broke last week when the Washington Post ran a story on the former judge's numerous solicitations to minors.  He was an assistant DA back then, but apparently liked the suffix DA so much he used it to sign a girl's yearbook.  The former judge tried to write it off as a smear campaign, but even his good friends at Breitbart were unable to refute the stories, leaving the judge to answer for himself.  Things went downhill from there.  Still, Sean was willing to buy the former judge's version of events.

Then came the backlash, not just against Roy Moore but against Sean Hannity.  Sponsors began pulling their ads, including Keurig coffee maker, which proved an easy target for Sean.  He exhorted his viewers to take their wrath out on Keurig machines on social media.  Surprisingly, Keurig buckled and began running ads again, which made Sean feel like a million bucks.  That euphoria was short lived, however, as Sean was finally forced to admit there might be something to all these allegations that had piled up during the week.

If all this makes about as much sense as Trump's infamous covfefe tweet, join the club.

Hannity has found himself up against a wall, similar to the time he defended Cliven Bundy.  Just about everyone wants Moore to drop out of the race.  The US Senate threatened to expel him if he wins the special election, but Judge Roy still refuses to back down.  This puts Republicans in a tough bind as well as they now stand to lose a Senate seat to the Democrats if Doug Jones does the unthinkable and wins in December.

This was considered a very safe seat until Moore upset Luther Strange in the primaries.  Luther has his own problems, but they are much easier to reconcile than soliciting 14-year-old girls.  Even Stephen Bannon didn't see this one coming, as he was banking on a Moore insurgent win as the first step in his take-over of the Republican Party.  Bannon had vowed to run insurgent candidates against all the incumbent Republican senators.  He might want to vet them more closely in the future.

As for Sean, he hopes to make a silk purse out of sow's ear, turning what had been his questionable defense of Roy Moore into a crusade against him, but few are buying it.  He dug another hole for himself and like Moore will have to dig himself out of it on his own.  This time there might not be a Keurig coffee maker waiting for him in the break room.

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  1. I see Sean didn't have it in him. He and Keurig coffee makers are the perfect fit,