Thursday, May 31, 2018

Roseanne and the Bounty King

Roseanne is such a committed loyalist that she ran interference for His Trumpness when news broke of the adjusted death toll in Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria. You might remember the last time His Trumpness paid any attention to Puerto Rico was when he was tossing out rolls of Bounty paper to islanders in the aftermath of the hurricane.  It was just more than Aunt Sarah could handle at the press conference this past week.  How else to explain these crazy tweets in the early morning hours?

The Ambien queen hit all the favorite whipping posts from Valerie Jarrett to Chelsea Clinton to George Soros, ultimately blaming Michelle Obama for the cancellation of her sitcom reboot, although you have to wonder why VJ at this stage?  It was so bad even her Friends and Fox were urging her to cease and desist, but there was no stopping the conservative den mother once she got going.  Leave it to the old man to come to her defense.  Sort of.

Of course, the news media ran with the Roseanne story, leaving Puerto Ricans to continue their struggle to reclaim their island on their own.  You really have to wonder what's so special about this foul-mouthed comedienne that made ABC waste time on her in the first place.

Ever since the 2016 election upset, Matt Bai says the television networks have been struggling to cash in on this "silent minority" that propelled Trump into the White House.   It wasn't enough to make Trump the star of their nightly news programs, they wanted something to fill the prime time slots so welcome back Roseanne.  Now, they discover just how toxic she is.

Susan Rice reminded us that it wasn't the Ambien that set Roseanne off, but 2013 feels like last century.  It makes you wonder why anyone would want to be associated with this vile creature, but apparently she can hide her fangs during the day.  Roseanne even got Wanda Sykes to help reboot the show, only for Wanda to quickly announce she no longer wanted any part of this crap.

Now that she has the Trumpkins on her side, Rosie seems to have found her "big swinging ape balls" and is going to challenge ABC.  Who knows she might even get His Trumpness to come down hard on the network like he did CNN when he blocked the AT&T merger with Time Warner.  News, entertainment and politics are now seamlessly interwoven.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico fights just to get electricity throughout the island.  Much of the support is coming from private interests as Congress has been slow to get funds to the territory.  The staggering death toll, which greatly exceeds that of Katrina, should give anyone pause, but hardly registers a blip on the Nielsen ratings compared to Roseanne.

If things don't work out at ABC, Rosie the Revanchist will likely land on some cable network, where she can vent her rage against the liberal Hollywood machine.  I'm sure she will delight fans in her reveries.  She's getting plenty of defenders on the social media.  Who knows, she might even land a job in Trump's administration, filling if for Aunt Sarah, who seems to be under a lot of stress these days.  Wouldn't that be a gas!

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