Friday, August 24, 2018


Rough week for the Donald, seeing both his former campaign manager and lawyer go down.  Not only that but the head of National Enquirer, David Pecker, flipped on him by supporting Cohen's admission that Trump was fully aware of the payoffs to the two bimbos in question.  Is there a more perfect name for the head of a rag like the Enquirer?  It's like something out of a bad mafia movie with Trump complaining that there should be a law against flipping.

One would like to think time is running out on the artful dodger, but I wouldn't hold my breath.  Even if the Democrats get the votes to impeach him in November, they would have to turn a dozen or more Republicans in the Senate against Trump and that is a very tall order.  Nevertheless, they finally have a crime to bring impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Darling Rudy took time out from a round of golf to say there will be a revolt in the streets if the Democrats dare to impeach the people's president, but I have a feeling they will get about the same turn out they got for the white nationalist rally in Washington earlier this month.  I think most persons are sick of all these pathetic fun and games and want a real president again, not this fake one we have had to endure for the past 18 months.

Not that Mike Pence would be much better, especially given his ties to Paul Manafort, but it would represent a victory of sorts, and it is doubtful that Pence would be anymore than a lame duck his two years in office, much like Ford after Nixon was run out of town.

Of course, this all hinges on the Democrats taking the House in November, and at the very least breaking even in the Senate with no losses of seats.  This would send a clear message to the Republicans that Trump is dead weight.

As for our dear president, he continues to act as if he is in complete control of things.  He admitted to paying off the bimbos but said he did so with his own money.  Nothing illegal about that.  Only problem is that there are records of these transactions having gone through his campaign, so he couldn't bring himself to come completely clean on his fourth try.

He went from a complete denial, to an admission there was a payoff but he didn't know about it, to yes he did learn about it after the fact to now an admission he approved the hush money.  It's really a wonder anyone can trust anything he says at this point.

Florida Republican Representative Carlos Curbelo sure isn't buying anything the president says.  He was on CNN today openly discussing impeachment.  In fact he wants everyone to know he was open to impeachment since last May after Trump fired Comey.  There are a handful of Republicans in the House who never bought into the Trump mania and have been waiting for the ongoing federal investigation to yield something they could latch onto.

This is also forcing Democratic leaders to rethink their campaign strategy, as Chuck and Nancy haven't embraced impeachment.  Feinstein has insisted on going slow, much to the chagrin of her California patrons, and many others remain sitting on the fence.  But, it is clear the Democratic base wants Trump to go, and will help propel those candidates that support his impeachment.

The national mood is ripe for a revolt, but not the one Giuliani imagines.  The resentment toward Trump has been building for 18 months.  What Americans have been waiting for is something that will force Congress to act against Trump.  Now they have it.

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