Thursday, September 27, 2018


Events surrounding Brett Kavanaugh's Senate Hearing have literally turned into a cluster fuck with a fourth woman now coming forward, claiming that a drunken Kavanaugh threw her against a wall and tried to have sex with her coming out of a DC bar in the late 90s.  This was the time Kavanaugh was working with Kenneth Starr in building a case against Horny Bill over similar allegations.  Maybe he was just trying to recreate a scene from the Oval Office, but the woman was none too pleased, and claims she has friends to support her story.  So far, she has chosen to remain anonymous.

Of course, Kavanaugh denies it as he has all the other charges, using his boyhood calendar to defend himself.  What strikes me as odd is how poor Naughty Brett's defense has been so far.  Does he really expect us to believe he would have marked a kegger on his calendar?  Instead, he raises more questions like "Who is Suzanne, a name which appears three times in the notorious month of June, 1982?

Trump didn't make things any less confusing with his rambling press conference after his inflammatory UN appearances.  He went on for 81 minutes, trying his best to work around the reporters' questions regarding the sexual abuse allegations.   He called it a "big con job" one moment and then claimed he was open to Ford's testimony the next.  The only thing that was clear is that he stood behind Kavanaugh, stating that his nominee was too soft in his interview with Fox News.

What gets me the most in reading the posts on my facebook timeline is how persons have aligned themselves with Kavanaugh and Ford with very little critical thinking, as I mentioned in the previous post.  Most now question the #MeToo movement because it no longer suits them politically.  The movement was fine when it went after liberals like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose and Al Franken, but now that their politicians and celebrities come under attack, #MeToo is seen as a political tool of the Democrats and liberal Hollywood.  Sorry folks, you can't have your cake and eat it too.  Maybe #DontEatCake should be the next phase of this movement.

Many conservative women now fear for their sons, as Brian Kilmeade did when he became unhinged on Fox and Friends.  Even his co-hosts gave him the side-eye.  I would think these conservatives would be more worried about their daughters, who have to endure this abuse and keep it hidden so as not to offend any basketball player or future politician.  I think this is a good time for some of these parents to watch 13 Reasons Why, which seriously questions this concept of "male privilege."

There's no denying Kavanaugh was a poor choice.  Trump and his Republican friends did what they could to hide his sketchy record and try to push him through the Senate hearings before anyone could serious question him.  As it is, he still may end up getting approved as it seems Lisa and Susan aren't convinced by these allegations. 

This is what led a fourth accuser to send he anonymous letter to Cory Gardner, Colorado's Republican Senator, in hopes he might question Brett's moral character, as the event she describes took place when he was an adult.  Unless, she steps out of the shadows it is doubtful Republicans will accept her story, and even then they may dismiss it, as they have the other three other allegations, claiming they are all politically motivated.

Little wonder women choose not to report sexual abuse and rape.  We've seen Patti Davis, Ronald Reagan's daughter, step forward with their own story this past week, but it is doubtful this will sway conservatives.  Women choose to lock these stories up inside them until they are forced to confront their assailants from their past.  One can imagine what Christine Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick all felt seeing Kavanaugh being nominated for the highest court of the land.  This was not an easy choice for them to make, and all wanted to remain anonymous, but the seriousness of the charges compelled them to come forward.

For Republican leaders to take this lightly or dismiss the allegations out of hand, as many have done, is unconscionable.  Democratic senators didn't do this when one their own, Al Franken, was accused of far less egregious sexual abuse charges than Brett Kavanaugh.  They pleaded with Franken to resign rather than drag down the party.  Of course, there was a picture, which it seems one has to have to make a charge stick these days.  However these confirmation hearings turn out, it will be a very nasty reflection on the GOP come November.

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