Friday, October 30, 2009

The Fight

Probably not many boxing fans in this forum, but Norman Mailer wrote a great book on The Fight. And, there is also a great documentary, When We Were Kings, on the Ali-Foreman fight that is well worth watching even if you are not a boxing fan, as it captures the three-ring circus that formed around the fight. Ali is one of the few fighters to truly transcend the sport, and Taschen lavished quite a monograph on him, simply entitled G.O.A.T. for those who want to plunk down 3000 euros.


  1. Who can forget Humble {sic} Howard Cossell's call of this epic match?

    The Rumble in the Jungle got quite a build up but it proved that Foreman at that time did not have the stamina to last or the jab needed to wear down an opponent. There has been some talk that Trainer Dick Sadler slipped Foreman a mickey and that this is why he lost all pop in the 7th round. Don't know if it's true but Sadler worked for Ali in his next bout.

    Foreman recommitted himself to conditioning and re-gained the championship thereafter with the Ol' Mongoose Archie Moore in his corner.

    I love to read American history books but old time boxing and baseball remain among my favorite reading.

  2. I thought this might pull you back into the forum. Great fight, at least if you were an Ali fan. I just think Foreman was too young and too raw, seriously misjudging the "old man."