Thursday, October 22, 2009

Real W.M.D.’s

Any new entry in the crowded field of books on the 1962 Cuban missile crisis must pass an immediate test: Is it just another recapitulation, or does it increase our net understanding of this seminal cold war event? By focusing on the activities of the American, Soviet and Cuban militaries during those tense October days, Michael Dobbs’s “One Minute to Midnight” passes this test with flying colors. The result is a book with sobering new information about the world’s only superpower nuclear confrontation — as well as contemporary relevance.

From the NYT. In an era where we seem to stumble over our own shadows, the Cuban Missile Crisis still generates a lot of attention, as we really did stand on the brink of nuclear war. Kennedy's defining moment.

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  1. Went with the wife and kids to an excellent Cold War exhibit this weekend at the National Gallery,

    The exhibit started at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London last year and has been touring Europe.

    You can check out Vilnius Daze for more links.