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Senator sees Obama making Nixon mistake

I guess all is fair in war and politics, but I think this is stretching it a little far,

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A top U.S. Senate Republican invoked the memory of the scandal-marred Nixon administration on Wednesday to urge U.S. President Barack Obama: "Don't start an enemies list."

Senator Lamar Alexander told Reuters he sees the Obama White House adopting an attitude similar to that of the Richard Nixon White House four decades ago, that "everybody is against us and we are going to get them."

Comparing Obama's stance in regard to Fox News and the insurance industry to Nixon's "enemies list" is hyperbolic to say the least, but good ol' Lamar has that nice soft Tennessee accent, which makes him sound as if he might actually be non-partisan on the issue, when we all know which side of the his bread is buttered by inurance companies.


  1. Well, that's just silly. The Republicans have a strategy to counter Obama's general popularity and that's just to throw anything they can think of at the wall and see what sticks. The death panels did for awhile, but that seems to have died a timely death of its own internal stupidity. Last night on Hardball, they noted how some right wing group is putting a hammer and sickle in the "O" of his name. Whatever.

  2. It would all be pathetically funny, if some of this nonsense wasn't sticking, but sadly it is.

    The Republicans are making a big deal out of the Virginia gubernatorial race, as their candidate has a double digit lead at the moment, saying it is a reflection of the mood of the nation. Anything to hang your hat on.

  3. I finally got around to watching Frost/Nixon a couple weeks ago. If you haven't seen the film, it's not a bad use of two hours.

  4. I haven't seen that yet, but still want to. From the excerpts I've watched, it looks brilliant.

    Good to see you back, Rick. Hope school is going okay.

  5. I am reading and grading papers as I post. Some of them are written in standard English.

    I wouldn't describe Frost/Nixon as brilliant. In fact, it's rather pedestrian as far as filmmaking goes. The performances are pretty good, but the film isn't Oscar material despite its five nominations.

    Watching the film, however, reminded me that Nixon was the Willy Loman of American politics.

  6. Interesting how the far right objects to Obama's contempt for the Fox network liars. Yet they had no problem with the contempt shown by Bush towards Helen Thomas. And by contrast, nobody ever questioned her integrity.

  7. Your post made me go straight to Stephen Colbert's "roast" of Bush, featuring Helen Thomas. I didn't know who Colbert was at the time of this speech, but I was an instant fan:


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